Eucharistic Ministry

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, commonly referred to as EMs, assist the ordained ministers – bishop, priest, deacon – with the distribution of the consecrated hosts and wine:  the Body and Blood of Christ, food for our souls.  At our weekend Masses, we need at least two EMs and as many as seven at the 10:30 Mass.  EMs are scheduled for the Mass they usually attend, and are not scheduled when they know they will be unavailable.

The most important thing to remember as parishioners consider serving as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist is that we have been granted the privilege of presenting the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to our fellow worshippers.  This is a privilege which requires careful preparation which is spiritual in nature and personal to each EM.

Eucharistic Ministry Chairperson:  Lou Mikolajek

Hispanic Coordinator:  Edgar Angel

Lectors Ministry

Lectors participate in the Mass as representatives of the congregation, called to proclaim God’s word to the people.  Lectors serve, on average, once every six weeks.  Training and materials are provided, including a workbook that includes the readings, explanations of the readings, suggested emphases for the reader, and pronunciations of uncommon names and words.  The lector sets the tone for the reading in opening announcements, reads the passages from the Old and New Testament for the day’s Mass, leads the prayers of the faithful, and reads the closing announcements.  Lectors are scheduled for the Mass they usually attend, or can volunteer for any Mass.  Lectors are not assigned for weekends when they will not be available.

Lectors Chairpersons:  Lou Mikolajek, Muriel Lanciault (trainer), Thelma dela Cruz

Hispanic Coordinator:  Edgar Angel

Music Ministry

The mission of the music ministry at St. Thomas is to “make a joyful noise to the Lord” – to lead, encourage, and assist the congregation to become fully engaged in active participation of the liturgy.   Our choirs are part of weekend and Holy Day masses.  Participation in the choirs does not require formal training or music credentials.  It does require a commitment to excellence, through practice and active participation.

Music Director:  Val Horick

Altar Servers/Sacristans

Assisting the celebrant on the altar is a wonderful way to fully participate in our liturgy.  Young people who have received their First Communion and are active in Catholic school or the St. Thomas religious education program are eligible for training as altar servers.  Altar servers assist at weekend masses, special celebrations, and Holy Day masses.

Chairperson:  Deacon Gabriel Cuervo

Church Ushers

Our parish ushers assist at liturgies on weekends and on holy days by greeting parishioners and visitors, helping with seating, and gathering collections. Adult parishioners are eligible to serve as ushers, after appropriate orientation to procedures.

Altar Society

The Altar Society is responsible for preserving the sanctuary’s solemn and holy atmosphere by maintaining the cleanliness and ethereal beauty of the altar.  Members decorate the altar for any occasion appropriately and in compliance with the guidelines set by the church. Chairperson:  Evelyn Lee

Co-chair: Thelma dela Cruz

Altar Linen Coordinator:  Pauline Bergeron

Young at Heart

Young at Heart was established to provide fellowship and fun for seniors and retirees in the parish.

Chairperson:  Al Combs